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Lots of information coming through on COVID 19…

Hi Everyone,

Below is the email message that was sent to MSC athletes and associates last Saturday and happy to share here also. Lots of information coming through on COVID 19 and very overwhelming as it changes every few hours.

In Australia earlier today Ironman had no choice but to call off and re schedule Port Macquarie – 70.3 and Iron Man in May and followed with Cairns due to be held in June. I along with many coaches had a big crew in training for these events and a handful of these were first timers lining up for IM or 70.3. Feeling gutted for every athlete as I know only too well what goes into these preparations. It is going to be common place for a while. The last few weeks has also seen athletes that are part of the MSC stable have events cancelled in Dubai, Africa, Brisbane and Sydney also and several events in coming weeks.

Some really positive messages coming back from several athletes earlier today that have had their Ironman events at Port Mac cancelled (I had personally contacted everyone earlier today) and this just goes to show what the triathlon community is like as far as being resilient and ‘glass half full type of people’ 😉

More adaptions I’m sure will be needed soon and those that are coached directly will have the interaction to work this in based on location / facilities / work and family and of course above all training for health over high performance through the next few months. Always happy to answer questions for any athlete messaging us as well.

The email that was sent late last week with some common sense / keep it simple messages below …………………

Many of you are training for short term events in the next 12 weeks so you would have seen posts / received direct emails and info from organisers about event status for this next period of time etc.

Obviously heed general advice re health / personal hygiene. Don’t train if unwell (this is for all the time – not just in this climate). Certainly don’t come to a squad session if coughing / feverish and go and get checked out and follow the advised guidelines. Your health always comes first.

A little article (click here) – (in a sea of them at the moment) re CV but a bit more relevant to the tri world from a Dr. I posted this on the MSC FB page yesterday –

If events we are training towards are postponed or cancelled in the next few weeks / months we can adjust the sights. I coach athletes of all levels – those in their first season of the sport aiming for their first Noosa Tri or using this sport to get the balanced fitness it gives to athletes wanting to progress into their 2nd , 3rd or 4th seasons or beyond to athletes with the aim qualify for Kona, World Championship events and National teams. These goals don’t have to change and you can keep working towards these – they just may roll into the next season now. You will get to your goal/s if you want them enough and keep putting the time and effort in. No doubt the upcoming event calendar is going to change with the Coronavirus impacting this next period of time. Use this potential down time from racing to be the best you can with your ongoing journey and preparation, work on weaknesses, enjoy the process, keep the dream alive and adapt as needed. We may need to adjust the goal posts a bit but we can roll with it and keep improving.

Look after yourself

Mooloolaba tri 2020 was centre stage on Sunday

Mooloolaba tri 2020 was centre stage on Sunday and mother nature threw a bit of a tanty with lots of 🌬 with a nice swell forcing the Sprint and Std distance swims to be chopped in half. A 1.5k beach run to get to T1 was part of the change. The sun was out for the swim / bike but very windy with the southerly making life hard for the second half of the ride before the clouds came in for the run. A great showing from the MSC crew and associated athletes that are a regular part of our Noosa training squads.

Brooke Farley won the 35-39 in 1.18, Jane Eldridge was 2nd in the 45-49 in 1.36, Lucinda Kinnear had a good one in 1.39, Kikki Paul was home in 2.00

Standard Distance
Annie Alford 2nd in 39-39 in 2.14, Mark Martin 2.20 for 20th in 45-49, Carlos Taraborrelli in 35-39 made a massive progression and home in 2.28, Jeanette Grigoris backed up really well from 70.3 NZ last weekend for 4th in 50-54 in 2.33, Neil Paterson 55-59 in 2.36, Juliette Neve in 45-49 home in 2.48, Marty Doyle in 50-54 2.48 also, Mel Campbell is another who has blitzed today and home in 2.48 as well, Jo Fahey in 55-59 was home in 3.40.

Shout out to Noosa Squadies – Justin Hunter 7th in 45-49 in 2.10, Alice Nicholls 12th in 35-39 in 2.23, Jackie Freer in 2.40, Grant Croghan in 55-59 in 2.33, Mamiko McFarlane 2.50 in the 40-44 and Rach Peridis 4th in the sprint 35-39 in 1.24

Over in NZ at the Motutapu Exterra tri Philippe Lanoux was 11th in 35-39 in 4.21. 1 Week after the Tweed Enduro Half IM. Well done everyone on some pretty awesome results 💪🏊‍♂️🚴‍♂️🏃‍♂️

Results in from a weekend of racing for MSC athletes.

Results in from a weekend of racing for MSC athletes.

Worlds Series swim at Mooloolaba on Saturday saw Renee Reynolds get 3rd in 65-69 and Brooke Farley 2nd in 25-39 in the 2.5km. Nice open water time up for the girls for Mooloolaba tri next weekend 🏊‍♂️

The Tweed Enduro saw a big crew head south of the Qld border to Pottsville NSW to tackle the events on offer. Judy Kensington won the 35-39 Sprint Tri to rev the engine for Mooloolaba tri next weekend. In the long course Aqua bike over 1.9 / 90, Nick Kensington won the 45-49 and 3rd fastest of the day. Mark Preston won 65-69; Basil Macreadie was 2nd 55-59, Angelina Hannon 4th in 55-59 with Swim and Bike squad regular Margie Burke 5th in 55-59. In the half IM Philippe Lanoux was 6th in 35-39 in 4.51; Perry Nation won 60-64 with a smoking 4.52 as he works towards IM Cairns in June; Tim Rook home in 5.26 and 13th in 50-54 for his first half IM in a few years; Rick Delaney lined up and did his first Tri yesterday and chose a half to do for it and went 5.27 for a very good first up. Ken Rae won 65-69 in 5.33 to show his improvement over the past 6 months; Jules Drysdale was 2nd on 60-64 in 5.53 as she works towards IM Port MAC in May. Lance Johnstone in his first half in the 65-69 was home in 6.48 for a very solid finish.

In NZ at 70.3 Taupo Jeaette Grigoris was 14th in 50-54 in 5.34.

On Friday Dee Boys did a trail run out of Dubai and got through it with quite a bit of scrambling on hands and knees so a bit more climbing then running at times. Well done everyone on a big weekend.

Mooloolaba Tri on the Sunshine Coast next weekend. Looking forward to seeing our athletes, past campers and friends on course 🏊‍♂️🚴‍♂️🏃‍♂️💪👏😎 #beyourbest

Triathlon Event

Recent racing and results from the MSC team.

MSC crew Racing over the weekend just gone over 5 different events –

In 70.3 Western Sydney – Philippe Lanoux was home 4.28 in the 35-39 for 20th place, Ken Rae was 3rd in 65-69 in 5.25 and 14min quicker then his last years finish, Andrew Pearce was home in 5.51

Kurnell Sprint Tri (NSW) – Don McArthur 7th in 55-59

Hamilton Is Sprint (QLD) – Basil Macreadie 2nd in 50-59, Peter Hancox 10th in 50-59 and Noosa tri squad regular Penny Hearn won the 60-69 in what is one of the counties toughest sprint distance tris with a very hilly ride / run but is one of the best locations.

Hervey Bay 100 (QLD) (2/80/18) Long Course – Annie Alford was 2nd in the 35-39 and Annie’s first Long Course event for some time. A solid result on not much racing as she builds into 2020 preparing for another Ironman. Sam Cooke and Jeanette Grigoris – did the swim / bike each in teams with a short run off to cut it short as both are focusing on the Busso 70.3 this coming weekend.

Kingscliff (NSW) Aqua Bike – 1.5/40 – Mark Preston was 3rd overall to a couple of young guns

Looking forward to IMWA and Busso 70.3 which are both on this coming weekend with 3 MSC athletes lining up in the IM and 4 the 70.3. Then onto 70.3 Taupo in NZ the following weekend.

Have a great week