Every athlete wants to improve, become faster, more motivated and many constantly ask themselves ‘Am I training too much or too little?. Multisport Consultants experience, teamed with proven triathlon training programs provide athletes expert guidance whilst achieving their goals, building confidence with personalised and comprehensive principles and methods.

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Beginners Guide
to Triathlon

So you have decided to swim, bike, run!

Too many questions...

How much do I train? Where can I train? When can I race?

Every Triathlete, Ironman – even the Olympic Medalists have been a beginner at some stage in their life. Some are lucky enough to have friends and family involved in the sport to give guidance and advice, others are keen to become involved however have no idea where to begin.

Too many questions – What do I need? Where do I buy from? How much do I spend? How much do I train? Where can I train? When can I race? Where do I race? – just to name a few!

Multisport Consultants cover every aspect of triathlon and ironman, providing much needed guidance and advice for beginner athletes, young and old. Subjects such as, equipment, nutrition, training, techniques, health, understanding your body, race preparation and racing are all covered and explained, simply and easily.

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Extremely rewarding and addictive

There are a number of advantages being beginner triathlete. Once training begins improvement in fitness over the three disciplines becomes quite noticeable, your body changes and becomes leaner and fitter, you feel great and gain confidence. Everything seems to happen in leaps and bounds, thus providing more inspiration and focus to continue to train and set goals. In essence it is extremely rewarding and to be honest quite addictive.

Beginners Swimming
Beginners Cycling
Beginners Running
Transition Training

However, there are also some disadvantages, and without the correct guidance and advice it is quite easy to develop bad habits, such as, over or under training, poor nutrition and quite often incorrect swim strokes, poor bike position and bad running technique. Subsequently, the improvements almost come to a stop, injuries occur their health declines and the athlete becomes frustrated and stressed.


All your diligent training and hard earned money spent on equipment should be rewarded with results and most of all enjoyment of the sport. Utilising the services of a coach at Multisport Consultants, especially in the infancy of your triathlon or Ironman ‘career’ will ensure you set off on the right path and get the best results out of your body and the sport.

So what now? To find out about Multisport Consultants training programs available online click here, or if you feel you may require a more personalised training program, contact Multisport Consultants for more details.

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