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Ironman Racing

A big weekend of racing for MSC athletes

Quite a big weekend of racing for MSC athletes just passed as we hit December

In Canberra at the Jackie Fairweather memorial Sprint Tri Don McArthur lifted to a great day and was 2nd in 55-59 in 1.12. A draft legal ride as part of this format and qualifying points for TWC ITU

Over in the west and IM and 70.3 WA we had 3 doing the full distance and 4 at the half IM. Good conditions but a little on the warmer side for that time of year where temps hit 30+.

Doing his first IM we had Nigel Forster in 49-49 and home in 11.32 and very happy to get it done and looking forward to going around again down the track.

In a big PB and 11th in 45-49 Paul Argall put together a great day for 9.42. He has had his ups and downs and last IM at Port Mac illness saw Paul struggle to get to the finish line and did not give up but finished well below his fitness and expectations so yesterday was very well deserved. A bad patch at 28km in the marathon (a regular thing in IM) saw Pauls pace drop but he still held it together and ended up running a 3.36 marathon when in the past this may have blown out to 3.56. A much stronger athlete through training and self-belief and the icing on the cake moment has just come through that Paul is off to his first Kona in 2020.

Nick Kensington (45-49) was in great shape but carried a nasty Achilles injury in that flared in just the last 10 days pre event. A great 55min swim and on track for a 5hr ride at 90km saw the niggle become very intense to even pull up on the pedal stroke. Nick ‘shut it down’ the second half of the bike knowing his day was done and did not (wisely) attempt to run. A veteran of over 20 IM events Nick knows his body well and did the right thing. Rest / recovery and enjoy some down time mate and you’ll be back better in 2020. .

Busso 70.3
With 4 lining up in the half IM on the nice sunny day our crew all had great days in the end (some a few little hurdles). All 4 nabbed qualifying sports to the 70.3 World Camps in November 2020 at Lake Taupo in NZ. A great result overall and very well done to – Sam Cooke home in 4.56 and 8th in 50-54, Brooke Farley 5.09 and equal PB and was 7th in 35-39, Judy Kensington 5.12 and 9th in 35-39 with a massive 42min PB over the 70.3 distance, Jeanette Grigoris was 4th in 50-54 and a PB in 5.28 after taking a nasty tumble on the run, losing some bark and a bit of time in the process but dusted herself off and made it home

This coming weekend 70.3 Taupo is happening (Sat) where MSC has 2 athletes. Haver a great week everyone