Every athlete wants to improve, become faster, more motivated and many constantly ask themselves ‘Am I training too much or too little?. Multisport Consultants experience, teamed with proven triathlon training programs provide athletes expert guidance whilst achieving their goals, building confidence with personalised and comprehensive principles and methods.

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Improve your triathlon techinque and general fitness

Personalised Coaching

Multisport Consultants services are available worldwide

Multisport Consultants has been providing triathlon and multi-sports coaching services to athletes of all ages and abilities for more than 20 years.

From sprint triathlon to ironman distance, Multisport Consultants programs and coaching services are available worldwide. The coaching services that we have provided via email over recent years have been extremely successful.

Before we prepare a triathlon training program, we evaluate each individual and take into consideration their previous training and racing history if applicable. We also take into consideration the number of available hours the athlete has to train each week and if the athlete has unusual working hours ie. shift work etc. By completing our initial questionnaire provided on the website allows us to determine the most appropriate program for your ability and lifestyle requirements.

Dynamic Warm-Ups

Dynamic run warm up & felixibility

Dynamic run warm up / flexibility exercises & run form tips.

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Ask the Triathlon Coach

Ask the Coach, Triathlon Q & A

‘Ask the Coach’ Q and A for Australian Triathlete magazine.

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Off Season Triathlon Maintenance

Off Season Maintenance

Ways to keep and extend your  fitness during time-off.

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Stretching for Triathlon

Stretching for Triathlon

Stretch to relieve pain and improve performance.

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Stretch Drills for Swimming

Swim Stretching Tips

Stretching drills to be incorporated prior to swim training.

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Deep Water Running

Deep Water Running Training

Stress free extra running miles that will make you run faster.

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Core Strength Exercises

Core Strength Training Exercises

What is the “core” and what is beneficial about training it?

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Nutrition Advice for Training

Long Course Race Nutrition

Make sure you can get the most out of yourself on race day.

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Bike Strength Training

Bike Strength Training

A collection of specific sessions that help build on the bike strength.

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Dryland Exercises for Swimming

Dry Land swim exercises

Exercises to help you develop the swim leg of your triathlon.

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