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Nick Croft heads the Triathlon Training Camp Coaching Staff.

Head Coach Nick Croft

Having run his first training camp in Noosa in 1998 Nick has been involved in the coaching and education of athletes for over 25 years now. The re-birth of Noosa Tri Camps in 2009 saw two camps held and in 2010, eight camps were been held including two custom camps with one of these being an international destination. A professional for 10 years saw Nick race all over the world winning 35 of the 130 events he contested. Mixing his vast experience with hands on coaching, Nick oversees the camp structure and with an experienced team ensure that your experience is one to remember. Winning the Triathlon Australia Ironman Coach of the year in 2005 has been a coaching highlight but it is the day to day and age group interaction that is Nicks passion. Being able to pass on his knowledge and tips and tricks that were learned in an era where a triathlon coach simply did not exist is very satisfying. The beautiful surrounds of Noosa is the perfect triathlon play ground to round off your Noosa Tri Camps experience.

To get in contact with Nick:
nick@mscsport.com.au or ph: 0407 136 215

> Nick Croft also provides triathlon training programs and coaching, find out more about Nick…

Nick Croft Triathlon Camp Head Coach

Coach Jess Fleming

Jess brings to Noosa Tri Camps a background very typical of many triathlete females of today. Coming from none of the three sports that comprise triathlon. Jess was a national level basketball player in her junior years as wel as an accomplihed down hill skier before taking to the gym and cross training to stay in shape. Taking the triathlon plunge at age 30 she soon took a liking to the bike and was one of the stronger performers in that leg from her first few events. Only taking up swimming a few years ago, much progress has taken place in this leg and to date the half ironman distance has been Jess’ favorite and last season saw her unbeatable over the 1.9/90/21 distance in her age group with her best time being 4.38 winning the Gold Coast Half Iornman in the 30-34 females. At Ironman WA in 2010 Jess will make her Ironman Debut. A Noosa Tri Camps director along with Nick, Jess’ motto is the keep things balanced and have fun during the triathlon journey.

To get in contact with Jess:
jess@mscsport.com.au or ph: 0438 370 246

Jess Fleming also provides triathlon training programs and coaching, find out more about Jess…

Jess Fleming, Coach of Triathlon Camps

Coach Jan Croft

Yes, Nicks mum has been involved with triathlon since Nicks debut back in 1984. It didn’t take long for Jan to take up the challenge herself and she completed her first tri in 1987. A fomer Australian Champion swimmer. Jan won the Australian 800m freestyle championship in 1961 and 62. Having done over 200 triathlons and competed in 4 Ironman events including the Hawaii Ironman twice. Jan is one of Australia’s most experienced age group competitors. Winning the Triathlon World Championship in 2000 for her age over the Olympic Distance was a highlight and in recent years has had to ditch the running but continues to compete at the highest level in masters swimming and cycling. A master swim coach and a fish herself in the water Jan is a valuable part of the Noosa Tri Camps Coaching Staff.

Additional support staff and guest elite athletes are used also as need be dependant on camp size and experience.

For further information about our up-coming 2011 camps call 0407 136 215 or email train@multisportconsultants.com

Jan Croft assists wit hcoaching at Noosa Tri Camps

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