Every athlete wants to improve, become faster, more motivated and many constantly ask themselves ‘Am I training too much or too little?. Multisport Consultants experience, teamed with proven triathlon training programs provide athletes expert guidance whilst achieving their goals, building confidence with personalised and comprehensive principles and methods.

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Triathlon Coaching and Training Programs

Raise your performance

Develop your skill set and base fitness.

Multisport Consultants has extensive knowledge and experience in preparing athletes to compete at their best in Olympic distance triathlon. Head MSC coach Nick Croft competed at the highest level in Olympic distance, and has incorporated many tips and tricks into the training programs from his days racing as a professional.

Essentially MSC Olympic Distance Training programs are devised to continue to raise your performance level as your skill set and base fitness develops.

Example Olympic Distance Training Program

The linked PDF document (click here to access) is an example program for an Olympic Distance athlete. Maximum training time is 12-13hrs per week. The example athlete is participating in a 16 week preparation for an Olympic Distance Triathlon. He has time to do some basic strength work and is in an adaptation phase in this section of the program.

As part of your program structure you will be given Heart Rate guidelines to follow as is shown in page 2 of the example. All session content is set out to the athletes needs and time / days available to train. An existing program Olympic Distance Triathlon Training Programof yoga / stretching was already in place before the example program began – this is included into the mix. This program can also be worked around existing club or squad sessions eg swims squads or a particular ride or run.

Sprint / Olympic distance package – $195 per 4 weeks

Sprint/Olympic distance training programs are provided by email in 4 week blocks

$195.00 inc GST (Australian) paid at the commencement of each 4 week block
– (Minimum commitment 12 weeks*)

  • Custom Program, set up and delivered bi-weekly in the Final Surge coaching platform
  • 2/week Training program adjustments
  • Up to 6 email / texts per 4 weeks communication

All sessions mapped out are based on your ability and goals

* We highlight the fact that your minimum commitment to us is 12 weeks. Why 12 weeks? It takes at least this long for you to adapt to the training process we will put you through. If you are coming back after a lay off or are starting a training program the first part of such a phase will be a majority of aerobic training. This is to build a base and get you aerobically strong in order for your body to be able to sustain the intensity levels later on into the program.

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