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What do other triathletes say about our camps?

Hi Nick,
I had really good time at the camp and I have definitely learnt a lot from it thanks to you, Jess and everyone else involved.

Many thanks
John Robertson – Karratha WA

Hi Jess,
Thank you and Nick very much for an AWESOME camp!!! I really enjoyed myself, learned tons and love your training playground in Noosa!! I’ve been to several camps now and I can certainly tell that your camp was well thought out, structured and organised – I will definitely do another one with you guys in the future! And I really enjoy the people these camps attract…

Joey-Lynn Musselman – Hong Kong

Hi Nick,
Thank you also to yourself and Jess for the awesome camp 🙂 It was great to be a part of it and I will certainly come again! I have already recommended it to a couple of my fellow tri-sters who are also interested in coming in the near future.

Kerri Spanner – Gold Coast

Hi Nick and Jess,
I just wanted to write to you quickly to say thank you so much for the tough but brilliant five days I’ve just had at Noosa.

About twelve months ago now, after I finished my first long course race at Gundy, I swore that I would NEVER do an Ironman. Not a chance. Of course, saying never is the Universe’s way of making a liar out of you so here I am staring down IM Melb in four weeks. I would never say I was particularly confident of finishing the race or finishing it well, but now having gotten through the camp last week and the race on Sunday, I feel the 24th of March is going to be an amazing day out.

I can’t thank you both enough for the support and coaching you provided last week. You have truly found your niche as stellar athletes-turned-mentors and the impact that you and your coaching, your encouragement and your faith in people has on those that attend the camps is massive. Attending the camp was quite simply the best thing I could’ve done to cement my confidence in myself, my own ability and what I can do on the day. Not what I can do in comparison to anyone else, but what I can do for myself to get me over that line.


I just wanted to say thankyou for a very motivating camp. I had a day of nerves yesterday thinking maybe I had bitten off a bit more than I can chew, but this morning I have done my 40 minute run using all of your advice. Keeping my heart rate down, I didn’t even need to stop once. You have definitely put me on track to complete a Noosa triathlon.

Thankyou again – kate reinhardt

I just wanted to drop a quick line to you to say thank you for the weekend’s camp. I was very apprehensive before arriving. And whilst I am very aware of what I need to achieve in the next 12 weeks to compete, I now have better knowledge to do that now. The training sessions, the guest speakers, and just the one on one tips that were shared over the weekend will be invaluable.

I had a great time, lots of laughs, and a couple of wake up calls. My thanks also to Jess and Dan for their encouragement and advice. Nick I just want to also say the professionalism of the camp was fantastic. The quality of the guest speakers was great and really informative, the choice of restaurants was excellent, the goodies pack was great and even just getting bottled water each day was a nice surprise. And just being able to be trained briefly by someone of your sporting ability was invaluable, let alone your invitation to everyone to contact you if we had any questions after the camp…. So thank you, the camp certainly exceeded all of my expectations.

Kindest Regards – Heather Barker

Thanks so much for the weekend. David and I learned so much and I really enjoyed my first triathlon!! I feel much more confident on the bike and really motivated to get through the next 12 weeks. I was really impressed at the calibre of the people that you had in to talk with us and it was great to interact with Mark, Dave and Steve (some of the other old hands in the class) that continued to give us useful tips throughout the weekend away. We look forward to seeing you for the odd training session up at Noosa soon. Good luck with your training for the up coming worlds.
Kind regards – Emma and David

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Thanks Jess and Nick for what I thought was an awesome camp last week. I found it really beneficial – obviously from a training perspective, but also informative as well. Most importantly I have a whole lot more confidence now that I can conquer this IM beast which is really the main thing. Feeling ready and pumped (just getting my neck issue sorted) – so thanks for contributing to that J.

BTW – still can’t believe how lucky we were with the weather!

Jane Hermann

Thanks for organising an awesome camp! I have no idea how I would have achieved the same level of training in Brisbane.
All the sessions where challenging and interesting which broke up my normal monotonous training sessions.
The speakers for the non-training sessions where brilliant and opened my mind to ideas and techniques I am sure only the pro’s use!
All in all a well organised camp which I will be definitely attending again even if I am not doing Ironman!

Thanks again – Tom

Quality is the best description of MSC’s recent Noosa camp. Quality in organisation and routes; quality in the program format; quality in the guest presenters; and high quality of Jess’s home made muffins. Having never attended any sort of training camp I was pleasantly surprised by the attention to detail and the open and encouraging environment created by MSC. I have taken from the camp a greater confidence leading into my first Ironman event and also knowledge that my concerns and fears are normal. Assuming I survive the Ironman I will be making a Noosa camp an annual pilgrimage. I would highly recommend this to others – especially Ironman novices.

Hi Jess/Nick,
Awesome camp again throughly enjoyed it,was well organised and great value for money, had great support staff eg Dan,Jan and Bardie with her help on Fri. Listening to the Pro althletes on tues was fantastic. Certainly has given me the condifience to chase my dream to do a ironman.

All the best Greg

I had the best time at the camp and learnt a lot about myself. I was absolutely thrilled I completed the long bike ride (a new sensation the downhills which I find absolutely terrifying, not sure how to train for that up here)and I just loved the ocean swim. They were both huge achievements for me and would never have done them on my own, so thanks! Your team were first class.

You make an awesome team – Belinda

I had the best time at the camp and learnt a lot about myself. I was absolutely thrilled I completed the long bike ride (a new sensation the downhills which I find absolutely terrifying, not sure how to train for that up here)and I just loved the ocean swim. They were both huge achievements for me and would never have done them on my own, so thanks! Your team were first class.

You make an awesome team – BelindaHi Jess and Nick
Thanks again for a great week of training last week.It was really well organised and i enjoyed training with a like minded group.Feeling alot better now and am ready to get some more training done before Port.

Nick has a fantastic ability of Coaching such a group of people with differnet kinds of Fitness.While always being focused on each persons journey,whether it be Ironman,General Fitness or other Multi-sports events.His latest Ironman Camp was a great way to get into long Course racing with six days of Training and Guest speakers to assist with all aspects of Ironman Racing.

I have been Coached by Nick for over Ten Years now and i credit all my 13 Ironman finishes to him and his coaching style.His flexiablity to my lifestyle and his always changing programs to each race ensures that i am never bored with the Training.I look forward to many more years of Training and racing with Nicks Guidance helping me.

For those that are looking to Discover Triathlons either Short or Long Course,Nick can clearly help anybody achieve their sporting goals big or small.

Cheers – Justin Hunter

I really enjoyed the weekend. The week following was a bit like my “post race blues” when I come off a high and need to get motivated again. I took advantage of a couple of rest days and training is now back in full swing. I will head out to Gatton to compete in the Duathalon on Sunday.

The Noosa camp had a great mix of theory and practice, accompanied with great food, great people, and loads of hints and race tips. I am now much better prepared for the upcoming triathlon season and look forward to achieving many PB’s.

Thank you again to you and the team and good luck at the World Championships.

Regards – Phil

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