Every athlete wants to improve, become faster, more motivated and many constantly ask themselves ‘Am I training too much or too little?. Multisport Consultants experience, teamed with proven triathlon training programs provide athletes expert guidance whilst achieving their goals, building confidence with personalised and comprehensive principles and methods.

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Practice running downhills to get the edge – MSC Head Coach Nick Croft

You would think that downhill running comes naturally but running downhill efficiently and repetitively is not as easy as it sounds.  Good downhill runners (like uphill runners) seemingly do it effortlessly but as is the case with most disciplines, it takes practice and a gradual approach. Because your body absorbs more impact with each foot strike down a hill, you can get injured quite quickly if you are not conditioned for it.  It's easy to over stride when running downhill, which makes you land harder, tires you out sooner, and makes you more at risk to getting an injury.  For downhill...

Nick Croft Competing in triathlon 70.3

What is the optimal time of day to run & talking about running stride rate – with MSC Head Coach Nick Croft

A few running related questions that I get asked frequently by athletes in my face to face coached squad or via distance and has been up for discussion at a Noosa training camp in the past as well. ‘Do you recommend run training at night or in the morning? I often run in the morning because of time commitments, but I actually always feel better in the evening when I run – so would prefer that’  The best time of day to run is a long-standing debate among runners and exercise experts.  It is actually not a coincidence that you do feel...

Rolling with the Punches

Everyone is being tested at this time. It is key to roll with what is happening and adapt to your own set of circumstances. Stress and anxiety is high for many. We will come out the other side and those that do keep some focus and aim to stay (mostly) fit and active / moving, even if no races on currently will be in a better headspace then if we let it slide away. There are aspects that we cannot help that will need to rest – such as time in the water and with pools closed all over the...